People we LOVE + Smash Events
People we LOVE + Smash Events

We are excited to introduce you to Ashlee Springer. She is the owner of Smash Events, a full service event planning company. She is fabulous to work with and will make your event amazing! Here is a little more about her…

Name or Nickname:  Ashlee Springer


What do you love most about your job:  The thing I love most about my job is the opportunity to meet two people that are in love and bring out the most unique and remarkable aspects of their relationship and then turn it into one glorious day.  My job is constantly changing because people are so different- it’s really exciting!  Plus I love pretty things and brides are pretty.

Favorite quote:  I’m not sure I have an all-time favorite, but ONE favorite is the saying we see everywhere “Keep calm and carry on”.  I love this because it reminds me to do just that in the midst of uncertainty, doubt, and chaos. 

Favorite food/drink:  My favorite drink is a grande, 2 pump caramel brulee latte, whip cream with no sprinkles.  It’s a seasonal drink from Starbucks and if I’m sweet enough to the staff, they “donate” their extra caramel brulee syrup to me at the end of the season.

What do you do in your “spare” time:  In my spare time, I shop and read CIA spy thrillers.  If I weren’t a wedding planner, I would be a CIA operative.

Where is your most favorite place to travel:  Any big city, specifically New York City and Seattle.

Why do you love weddings:  I love weddings because they are beautiful, unique, creative ways to enshrine the joining of two people’s lives.  It’s such an honor for me, as a planner, to witness the genuine and authentic emotion that is brought out in people through weddings.  What can I say, I love love!

Anything else you want to tell our readers: I love love, weddings, the incredible gift of marriage, beauty, my husband, creativity, people, a good time, coffee, shopping, steak, cities, hanging out with my girlfriends, couture, makeup, sparkly things, the color blue, champagne, emerald cut diamonds, hugs, clouds and rain, reading, city living, Ikea, and West Elm.  If you love some of these things too, we’d probably make a great team for your wedding day.



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